Type Script-Fix:0x800a01b6 – JavaScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘defineProperty

   I have started exploring on TypeScript in Visual Studio 2017.In Typescript(.ts) file i have created class and declared the variables and methods.Its working fine with my page. Now i have created properties(set,get) for private variables.Now running the code i got the below error in internet explorer(IE 11 version).

0x800a01b6 – JavaScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘defineProperty

   I have verified my code about the properties declaration in Typescript.It correct but not working.I have checked issue in the internet and tried multiple options but not worked.

 I have checked in the internet explorer settings and found the issue for above error in Typescript.Few months back i had worked on intranet based application,I have added local host in compatibility View Setting to check some specific issue.After that i have not removed setting.Due to this i got the issue.Once removed the localhost from compatibility view settings it’s working fine.

Internet explorer–>Tools–>compatibility View Settings–>(select your site)–Remove.


Report Designer for Visual Studio 2017

Working with new version of the IDE is always excitement because exploring on the new things.I am working on the migrated project from .net framework 3.5 to 4.6 in visual studio 2017.While opening the RDLC file it’s open XML designer instead of the RDLC designer. I have checked in the internet found RDLC is not installed in my visual studio 2017.Report designer downloaded from the visual studio marketplace from below link.


Visual Studio 2017 installation for Web Developers

Visual studio 2017 installation is entirely new way of installation compare to previous version of visual studio.In installation of Visual studio 2017 can be customized based your development requirement.Workloads,individual components and language packs are new features in visual studio 2017.

I have working on the web development then in the installation selected ASP.NET and Web development workload and selected individual components like .NET framework 4.6. Below is the screenshot for workloads.


After some time  visual studio 2017 is ready to use in my system.If you want more detail please refer microsoft documents link for installation.