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Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2016

I have installed Microsoft SQL Server 2016 in my system and try to open SQL Server Management studio 2016, surprise the management studio is not installed by default with SQL Server 2016.I have googled it and found the answer is … Continue reading

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Sql server Usefull link

Below link is very full for the sql server for instance reference  from beginner to experts. Link

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Create a unique key that is case sensitive

To apply case sensitive on particular column we modify the column below way. ALTER TABLE mytable ALTER COLUMN mycolumn VARCHAR(10) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS After create constraint on column ALTER TABLE MYTABLE ADD CONSTRAINT UK_MYTABLE_MYUNIQUEKEY UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED (MYCOL)

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SQL best practices for better performance

In general while developing the queries the required result will retrieve from query.  But the performance will be down after some days in production server due to data .In the scenario we have optimize the queries. So  while developing the … Continue reading

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Get All Tables and Storeprocedure of the Database in Sqlserver

Sometimes we have to   collect all tables or stored procedures of your database with schema name.Use the below script to get all the tables or stored procedures.  To Get all Tables Below script  SELECT ”+SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id)+’.’+name+” AS AllTable FROM sys.tables  To Get … Continue reading

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Location of Data File Using T-SQL

Some times we need know the location of Data file of databases of sqlserver.Below script display the all the .mdf and .ldf files of sqlserver. select Name as DataBasename,Physical_name as Location From master.sys.master_files

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