Data Migration Assistant (DMA)

Microsoft Data Migration Assistant (DMA), which help us to upgrade our database into a modern data platform. It helped me to identify the compatibility issues during the database migration from on-premises to Azure SQL PaaS and IaaS. It also supports SQL Server 2005 to SQL server 2012 onwards database upgrade. To run this tool the user account should be a sysadmin role.

You want to explore on DMA please use below links. Its free tool from the Microsoft.

Download link


My Experience with Microsoft Azure

In last month I got an opportunity to attend the Microsoft Azure training.As a developer curiosity to know various options available on Azure.Microsoft Azure cloud giving a lot of options on demand without any delay.I have tried with free trial to explore the Azure cloud. I have explored on  autoscaling, traffic manager ,resource manager,vpn setup and VM creation.You can also explore on  azure once your go thought the document of azure.Below are links for azure documentation and free trial.


Azure free trial