Azure Status

Microsoft Azure Cloud is one of the leading Cloud provider in cloud Industry. Azure covers 54 regions as of now. As customer we are consuming various services in Azure cloud. Microsoft provides 99.9% SLA for most of the services in Azure Cloud.

Azure cloud provides the status of the each service in dashboard.

Azure Status

Azure DevOps

Azure Videos

It’s one more post on videos on Azure learning. Microsoft providing amazing learning series on various forums. While checking on the internet found good videos on Azure learning. Microsoft Azure Channel on Youtube.






Learn Azure

Microsoft team always encourage learners to learn Azure in various ways. Best source always the Microsoft documentation. Its provide a quick start to Advance levels.

New learners always where to start on Azure like IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. Iain Foulds prepared good planner on day to day to learn Azure in one month. If you want to quick start please download the book from below.

Learn from Community

The  Technical community always helping the people on the day to the day job on various technical issues. We can learn  Azure from Microsoft learn without any doubt. But sometimes we need to simplify version from the community which gives quick learn on a specific topic. Recently my colleague shared a link on Azure which gives some hands quickly to me. Below is the link which is driven by the community it’s not an official site from Microsoft. Just my reference I am sharing here.


Azure App service time zones

Azure App services are one of the best options to deploy web applications without worry about the infrastructure. Recently I was working with one of the applications it needs to support local time, but the Azure App service created the nearest region. Due to this reason the time difference coming between app service and local time to users. So I need to sync the local time zone of the users with Azure App Service. Microsoft Azure gives a very cool option. We need to add WEBSITE_TIME_ZONE settings in App service.

App Service–>Configuration–>Application settings–>New Application Settings


Time Zones