Azure Status

Microsoft Azure Cloud is one of the leading Cloud provider in cloud Industry. Azure covers 54 regions as of now. As customer we are consuming various services in Azure cloud. Microsoft provides 99.9% SLA for most of the services in Azure Cloud.

Azure cloud provides the status of the each service in dashboard.

Azure Status

Azure DevOps

Free .Net Videos

Microsoft Learn is the best platform to learn new things on the Microsoft Stack. I always check in Microsoft Docs or Microsoft learn to learn new things on the technology. Learning is a passion for a developer.

Microsoft gave free videos for learning about the .NET developer platform and how to use it and below is the link for videos


Learn Azure

Microsoft team always encourage learners to learn Azure in various ways. Best source always the Microsoft documentation. Its provide a quick start to Advance levels.

New learners always where to start on Azure like IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. Iain Foulds prepared good planner on day to day to learn Azure in one month. If you want to quick start please download the book from below.

Configure Log files in IIS 7

Log files are very important when tracing errors in both application and IIS level. Below are the steps to configure the logs files in IIS.

  1. Open IIS
  2. Select your Website and Click on it.
  3. In Right Side Pane click on Logging.
  4. In Logging, in Log file Section, Select format(IIS,NCSA,W3C) for  logging and select Fields(Date, time etc…)
  5.  Give the Directory Location for log files In Directory Section.
  6.  In Log file Rollover, Give the Schedule (Weekly, Hourly etc) and Maximum file size and select  remaining options as your requirement.
  7. Right side click on Apply

Improve the performance of the Crystal Report

Crystal Reports takes much time while loading viewer in production server. We are tried on various techniques to improve the performance of the reports but it all not improves up to optimize level. We are used the stored procedures for our reports. One of my senior colleague gives a solution for performance improvement  for crystal Reports.It work fine after doing  below steps.

Open your crystal report in Crystal report Studio

  • File Menu–> Report Options –>Uncheck the below options
  • Verify on first Refresh.
  • Verify stored procedures on First Refresh.
  • Save Data With Report.

Deploying a Silverlight Application

While hosting silver light application in IIS .IIS should allow the request of XAP file type. In IIS 7, it default it configured with XAP file types. But in IIS 6 and IIS 5 we need to add a file type that maps the .xap extension. Below are the steps to add files in iis.

1. Select your website in IIS–>right click–>Properties –Properties window will open.
2. In Properties windows–>select HTTP Headers Tab->In MIME MAP–> click on File Types.
3. In File Types–>Click New Type–> Type below text in textbox
Associated extension: .xap
Content type (MIME): application/x-silverlight-app
4 Click on OK–>OK–>Apply