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The  Technical community always helping the people on the day to the day job on various technical issues. We can learn  Azure from Microsoft learn without any doubt. But sometimes we need to simplify version from the community which gives quick learn on a specific topic. Recently my colleague shared a link on Azure which gives some hands quickly to me. Below is the link which is driven by the community it’s not an official site from Microsoft. Just my reference I am sharing here.


Azure DevOps

DevOps (People, Process, and Tools) is one most widely used keyword in the software industry. The agile world requires faster deliverable for the business. Development, Deployment, and testing involves different people to complete their task and confirm for the next process. Automate this process we required different tools for different groups. Development team required source control, IDE and Deployment team deployment scripts backup of the old deliverable, The testing team prepare test cases and test script they need to store in source control.

Azure DevOps is an excellent platform given by Microsoft. It covers most of the tools required by industry. In the Agile world, new changes will be added to the tool by Microsoft.

Explore on Azure DevOps by free sign in link

Azure DevOps

Learning hands-on Azure DevOps  from below link

Azure DevOps Labs