Log Parser Studio

Recently I have opportunity to analysis web application logs. To analyze logs I will always preferred to use log parser because it can analyze different logs files types like IIS and other log files types. By using this tool, you can analyze multiple files by using queries from the files it be your application own standards. Log parser 2.2 is the command user interface(CUI). Log parser studio is the GUI version. If you want explore on the log parser, then download from the below links.

 Log Parser

Log Parser Studio

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2016

I have installed Microsoft SQL Server 2016 in my system and try to open SQL Server Management studio 2016, surprise the management studio is not installed by default with SQL Server 2016.I have googled it and found the answer is Microsoft Split the SQL server and Management studio. Good thing is latest SQL Server management Studio supports SQL server from 2008 to higher version. So let us the download the latest version from below link.

SQL Server Management Studio