Deploying a Silverlight Application

While hosting silver light application in IIS .IIS should allow the request of XAP file type. In IIS 7, it default it configured with XAP file types. But in IIS 6 and IIS 5 we need to add a file type that maps the .xap extension. Below are the steps to add files in iis.

1. Select your website in IIS–>right click–>Properties –Properties window will open.
2. In Properties windows–>select HTTP Headers Tab->In MIME MAP–> click on File Types.
3. In File Types–>Click New Type–> Type below text in textbox
Associated extension: .xap
Content type (MIME): application/x-silverlight-app
4 Click on OK–>OK–>Apply

Silver light installation in visual studio 2008: Hash value is not correct

While installing silver light SDK in visual studio 2008 i got an error Hash value is not correct. After searching in internet to find the solution, I got solution in below link to solve installation of silver light in my system.

Silver light installation