Data Migration Assistant (DMA)

Microsoft Data Migration Assistant (DMA), which help us to upgrade our database into a modern data platform. It helped me to identify the compatibility issues during the database migration from on-premises to Azure SQL PaaS and IaaS. It also supports SQL Server 2005 to SQL server 2012 onwards database upgrade. To run this tool the user account should be a sysadmin role.

You want to explore on DMA please use below links. Its free tool from the Microsoft.

Download link


Azure App Service Info

Working with Microsoft Azure App services on new applications development or migration of on-premises to the cloud Azure App services are in the PaaS category which provides service quickly to deploy the application. You need to learn various things in the Azure App service below link for you.



Azure Status

Microsoft Azure Cloud is one of the leading Cloud provider in cloud Industry. Azure covers 54 regions as of now. As customer we are consuming various services in Azure cloud. Microsoft provides 99.9% SLA for most of the services in Azure Cloud.

Azure cloud provides the status of the each service in dashboard.

Azure Status

Azure DevOps

Azure Videos

It’s one more post on videos on Azure learning. Microsoft providing amazing learning series on various forums. While checking on the internet found good videos on Azure learning. Microsoft Azure Channel on Youtube.






Free .Net Videos

Microsoft Learn is the best platform to learn new things on the Microsoft Stack. I always check in Microsoft Docs or Microsoft learn to learn new things on the technology. Learning is a passion for a developer.

Microsoft gave free videos for learning about the .NET developer platform and how to use it and below is the link for videos